our performance spectrum


maturo offers a wide range of different turntables for EMC-, Automotive- and Radar Cross Section measurements for the use in anechoic chambers or open area test sites.
Versions with diameters from 0.3 up to 14.0 meters and a load capability form 10 kg up to 100 tons are available.

Antenna Masts & Stands

In our portfolio you can find manual, semi- and fully automatic antenna masts and -stands for positioning of antennas for any applications and operation sites. Different measurement heights, load capabilities and range of motion are available. Mainly high-tensile plastics with low dielectric constant are used for this product range in order to minimize the influence of these products to the measurement results.


For the operation of our automatic positioning systems plenty of operating devices for any application are available.
All controllers were designed in-house by maturo and undergo a process of constant development. Fully-automatic remote control by measurement software of all well-known manufacturers via IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) or Ethernet interface is ensured.

OTA / CTIA Positioning Systems

Our innovative OTA / CTIA positioning system were especially developed for the smooth and accurate positioning of devices and antennas during tests, both in theta and phi axis. These systems allow rapid and reliable 3-Dimensional “Over-The-Air” radiation measurements according to all mobile radio, wireless and A-GNSS standards including LTE-MIMO.

Antenna Positioning Systems

The antenna positioning systems made by maturo are especially designed for antenna measurements in near-field or far-field.
The product range includes high-precision linear, azimuth, elevation and polarisation positioning systems. All specifications of our standard products can be modified on customer request. maturo covers a broad range of customized positioning solutions.

Linear Positioners

Our standard product range also includes different types of linear positioners for the performance of various measurement methods. The system allows automatic measurements of the field homogeneity according to EN61000-4-3 and IEC61000-4-3, as well as measurement of the RFI power according to CISPR, EN, ANSI, VCCI and VDE standards. The devices are mainly made of plastics with low dielectric constant in order to minimize the influence of these devices to the measurement results.

Dynamometers for EMC / EMI measurements

maturo offers a wide spectrum of free-standing and chassis dynamometers for EMC / EMI measurements of all kind of commercial and military vehicles. Additionally it is possible to perform functional and continuous testing, drive and brake analysis as well as testing of ABS, ESP, etc. to vehicles ranged from bicycles up to trucks.

Test tables

maturo offers also a wide range of different test tables as accessories for testing laboratories, which are either made of non-conductive material with a low dielectric constant εr or of wood with a conductive, metallic table top. Versions according to IEC/EN 61000-4-2, CISPR 25 or MIL-STD-461 standard are available. All test table can be manufactured individually according to customer’s demand.

Customized / special solutions

maturo is well-known and specialized for rapid and uncomplicated realisation of special customer requirements and wishes.
Please contact us regarding your application and requirement, so that we can seek together for common solutions.